Quick Note on Judgment Liens in California

On behalf of Macdonald Fernandez LLP on Monday, December 30, 2013.

In California, a judgment lien against real property generally remains in effect until 10 years from the date of entry of the judgment, unless the judgment is earlier satisfied or the lien is released. Cal. Civ. Code § 697.310(b); FDIC v. Charlton, 17 Cal. App. 4th 1066, 1069 (1993). The lien may be extended for an additional 10 years upon renewal of the judgment and the filing of a certified copy of the renewal application before expiration of the judgment lien. Cal. Civ. Code § 683.180; Beneficial Fin. Inc. v. Durkee, 206 Cal. App. 3d 912, 916-917 (1988). The 10-year period for the extension runs from the date of filing of the application for renewal with the court clerk. Cal. Civ. Code § 683.180.

By Matthew J. Olson