Manufacturing & Construction

Manufacturing and construction are at the heart of business and trade. Keeping manufacturers operating and delivering parts, equipment and goods into the stream of commerce, as well as constructing and maintaining the facilities through which commerce moves, are vital to the functioning of our local, national and global economies. We are proud to have represented several manufacturers and construction companies.

In one example, we represented a California manufacturer of commercial-grade ovens and other kitchen equipment in defending against a preference lawsuit brought in connection with a bankruptcy case filed by a customer in Delaware. We were able to obtain dismissal of the action in the first few days of the case.

In another example, we represented a large road builder as creditor in the New York bankruptcy case of a national shopping mall developer. Our client had completed construction of all roads and utility trenches for a shopping mall near Sacramento, California, but the debtor filed bankruptcy before payment was received. Through litigation and negotiation with the debtor, we were able to obtain payment of our client's claim in full.

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