Nonprofits face special rules and restrictions, including charitable trust issues, donor gifts and pledges, trust accounting, monitoring by the California Attorney General and other issues. We have been honored to serve several nonprofits in overcoming challenging legal issues.

In one example, we assisted a YMCA with an operating gymnasium, several plots of undeveloped land, several leased facilities and significant debt. Although the YMCA was almost out of operating capital, we were able to prevent a shut-down by filing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case and arranging for a sale of the operating facilities to a nearby YMCA. The facilities experienced no disruption, and the community retained the YMCA as a valuable asset.

In another example, we represented a residential care facility for the elderly (RCFE) that was operated as a nonprofit. The facility was in the midst of complex litigation. Working to achieve a reorganization out of court, we assisted in arranging for the sale of the operating facilities and paved the way for the nonprofit to use the proceeds to make grants for elderly people in lieu of providing services in-kind. This involved the intersection of two highly-regulated areas, specifically RCFE's and non-profits.

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