Real Estate

Real estate is a significant source of recovery for creditors to seek and an important source of wealth for debtors to protect. Real estate presents numerous areas where legal issues may call for resolution, such as deeds of trust, judgment liens, leases, tenant issues, foreclosure, rents-and-profits receivership, estate planning, real property taxes, easements, utility liens and other issues. We bring our experience working with real estate developers, hotels, office buildings, apartment complexes, receivers and homeowners to bear for our clients.

For example, we reorganized both the business and personal financial affairs of an elderly couple who own a San Francisco apartment building. Specifically, in the context of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case, we sued their largest creditor for usury and, after a string of court victories, we settled the matter favorably.

In another example, we reorganized a $20 million hotel in Riverside, California, in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. The hotel remained open without disruption while we resolved issues ranging from municipal bonds, easements, the franchise agreement and sale options. We were also able to shield the hotel from the Bankruptcy Code's onerous "single asset real estate" rules.

Other examples of our clients include the owner of an office high rise in Los Angeles, California, shopping-mall owners, RadioShack landlords, commercial tenants and several real estate developers.

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